Guernsey Postal History

Postal History of Guernsey in the Channel Islands, Covers, Cards, Envelopes, Wrappers and more.

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1829 wrapper to Metivier Guernsey from Spain with 3/1 charge & str/line Catalvna H/S in red. Poor two line Espagne/Par Perpignan H/S above with dotted circle F.P.O pmk on flap & London S/R on other flap. Some vinegar staining from cholera disinfection o/w sound.
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1811 Wrapper to Cartered Priaulx Guernsey from Majorca with 11 M/Script charge & good Portsmouth 73 circular mileage pmk on flap 28 No 1811. Mostly good cond.
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1906 Coloured view pcd, 'The Harbour, Guernsey' to China with 1d EdwVII canc weak Guernsey D/C pmk Ja 3 06. At left a very fine Peking S/R pmk 14 Feb 06. Very good cond & scarcer destination.
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1857 Small env to London with 1d red stars canc weak 324 barred oval H/S. On rear a fine Guernsey D/Arc code B in grey Sp 9 1857 partly overstruck by a London S/R arrival pmk. Small faults o/w sound. Imprint on flap, states Jersey with sailing ship above.
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